DIY Throw Pillow


I have a very awkward sized throw pillow that needed updating. So I used this as the perfect excuse to break out my Cricut and try their iron on foil product!

I headed to my Michaels and picked up a pack of white cotton fabric and iron on foil in the colour Pewter. I used the old pillow case to measure my material and made a new one fairly quickly using my sewing machine.

I created my design using Cricut design space. I inserted an image, duplicated it many, many times and rotated it until I achieved a pattern I liked. The design was too large to fit on a cutting mat so i sliced the image into 4 pieces and later joined the pieces to create my design.Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 2.49.29 PM

After cutting the four pieces I weeded them using my Cricut weeding tool.


After the four pieces were weeded, I got my pillow case and heated it up using my iron on the wool setting. (Make sure the steam is turned off on your iron!) I placed my pieces on my pillow case and ironed them on. I ironed directly onto the cricut product, continuously moving the iron trying to apply equal heat to the entire surface. Once I felt it was ironed enough (about 2-3 minutes)  I let it cool and then peeled  back the clear transfer. However a lot of the product wasn’t sticking so I ironed once again for about 8-10 minutes.  Once it was cooled I then peeled it off with no issues.


I placed the pillow inside and am so happy with the outcome! I’m now seriously considering purchasing the Cricut heat press so I can make many more iron on projects!


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