String Art Christmas Ornaments


I seen these blocks of wood at Michaels, and loved how versatile they were. I originally bought them thinking they didn’t have to be used for a Christmas project (even though they were considered a Christmas product.) But as soon as I got them home I thought they would be perfect for string art and had to make them right away! Plus they were only $2.99 CAD and 50% off! My Michaels only had two left if not I would have definitely picked up more for projects throughout the year!


I gathered my supplies, most of which I already had lying around the craft room! All you need is a wooden surface, embroidery floss, a design, a hammer and some nails! For my design I went on Cricut’s Design Space and picked an ornament and cut the silhouette of it in a size perfect for my wooden surface!


I then placed it where I wanted it and hammered the nails around the perimeter. The top was a little tricky because it was so small. I used my Cricut tweezers and pulled the paper out. It’s okay if it rips. You wont be needing the stencil anymore.


Next was the fun part! You simply take your embroidery floss and wrap it around the nails in a completely random pattern! Again the top was tricky because it was so small and didn’t come out how I wanted it too but sometimes that happens with crafts! This craft is super easy and you can make any design you want! I also choose to do a tree following the same steps as the ornament. If you want, you can paint your surface first but for this particular project I liked the rustic looks of the wood!


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