13 Super Easy DIY Tree Ornaments

Every year I make glitter ornaments, and everyone loves them! So this year I was planning to do a blog post when I decided to do a little challenge. I looked around my craft room and tried to come up with as many ornament ideas as I could! These are my favourites (including my glitter ornaments)!


I picked up a box of plastic and a box of glass clear ornaments at Michaels and started coming up with some ideas! I also had some mason jar lids left over from another project  so I came up with a couple for those as well!


I took some lace ribbon and fed it through the opening of the bulb. I put the top back on and used another piece of lace to tie a loop to hang it. I thought this was a super easy and cheap way to get a more elegant decoration.

IMG_3342 2



IMG_4231 2

This one was very simple but is also very trendy right now! I had some left over rocks and plastic succulents from previous crafts just sitting in a box. I picked about 10 small rocks that could fit through the opening and dropped them inside. I got the smallest succulent I had and had to force it inside by bending it a bit. Once it was inside I tilted the bulb and shook it lightly until the succulent was facing upright and in a spot that I liked!


Paper Twirls

For this ornament I picked a Christmas paper and cut it into 1/2 x 12 inch strips using my cutting board.

IMG_9504 2

Then I rolled them up very tight one by one.

IMG_5524 2

Next push them through the opening of your ornament!


I placed 4 strips inside my ornament but you can choose how every many you like!

IMG_2655 2

This is a great ornament that anyone can do! You can also change the look of this by simply changing the type of paper your using to match any theme you have!



I had some extra mason jar lids lying around from one of my fall crafts that only used the jars. I took some of my christmas greenery and cut them into small pieces. I glued the pieces around the rim of the cover until I felt that it was full enough. Once I liked the fullness of the wreath I picked out a red ribbon and tied it into a bow and placed it on the bottom. I thought this made a very classic ornament and is one of my favourites!



Sequins are one of my favourite crafts supplies but I hardly get to use them! I thought this was the perfect excuse! This ornament is perfect for anyone who likes sparkle in their christmas decor.

IMG_5263 2

I made a funnel by rolling up a small piece of paper, placed it inside my ornament and poured my sequins in. You can add however much you like!




I was really excited to try this one because I’m doing an upcoming gift exchange with some of my teaching friends and thought it would be perfect to go with their gift! However this one had a lot of trial and error! First I used a glass bulb but the glass got so hot so quickly when I heated it up that I couldn’t hold it to turn it to move the melting crayons. I tried using a pair of craft tweezers but ended up dropping it and smashing it. Then I thought maybe I could use a plastic one so it wont get so hot. Not realizing that the plastic would just melt. Then I finally thought of the logical thing; to get a glove.

IMG_5081 2

I gathered my supplies and put a thick towel down just in case I dropped it.


I picked a green, red and white crayon for this one. I peeled off the paper and cracked them into smaller pieces

IMG_5861 2

I placed them inside the ornament and put the cover back on.


Make sure you put a thick give on and use a hairdryer to heat up and melt the crayons. Rotate the ornaments so that the melted wax coats the entire area of the ornament. This one was a bit of challenge to figure out but looking back I don’t know why I didn’t think of it in the first place! This is going to go perfect with my teacher gift and is super easy to make for the teachers or kids in your life!

IMG_4328 2


This is a fun one that even your kids could do! All you need is your ornament and some pompoms! I choose to use these white ones that I had lying around because I thought they looked a bit like snow! But you can change the colours based on your decor theme! You can also get fun sparkly ones at any local craft store or dollar store!

IMG_4814 2

All you need to do is push the pompoms through the opening of the ornament and you get a fun and easy craft that anyone can do! If your looking for a snowy look like I was, you could also use cotton balls, placing them in the ornament just like above or by pulling them apart a bit first!



This next ornament all you need is craft paint in your choice of colour and an ornament! I choose white because I wanted to make some Rae Dunn inspired ornaments!


I squeezed some paint into the bulb!


Then rolled it around so the paint completely covered the bulb.

IMG_6875 2

Then I took the bottle cover from the paint and and placed the ornament upside down into it, so it would drain the extra paint.

IMG_8125 2

Put the top of the ornament back on and let it dry!



This one is also super easy for anyone to do! You just need a feather in the colour of your choice and your ornament.

IMG_7200 2

I simply pushed my feather in through the opening of the ornament! And thats it!


I used red because I thought it looked christmasy but I think a white feather would look super classic and beautiful!



For this ornament I used wire cutters and cut the branches into smaller pieces and just placed them inside the bulb!

IMG_7046 2

This ornament is great if your going for a  more natural or rustic theme this year!



I love using pearls around Christmas time I feel like they are just such a classic decoration! For this one all you had to do is place some pearls ( I used pearl beads) into the ornament and you done!




This is another easy mason jar ornament you can make! First I cut a circle out of a piece of fabric. I had this Christmasy plaid lying around from another project I had done. You can use the metal circle piece of the cover to measure. I traced the lid and then cut about half an inch away from my pen mark to give me some extra room for later. Then I put hot glue on the inside of the ring.and placed my fabric and metal circle inside. I cut a simple christmas picture on white card stock using my Cricut and hot glued it to the front. Lastly I hot glued a piece of string to the back so I could hang it! I loved how rustic this one looks and how easy it is to change up with different fabrics or pictures.



This is my all time favourite way to make Christmas Ornaments! Mainly because I love glitter! All you need is glitter, a clear ornament, and floor cleaner! I picked up this pledge floor cleaner at my local grocery store.


Pour some floor cleaner into the ornament and roll it until the entire inside is covered in floor cleaner. You can pour any excess back into the bottle.


Next I got my paper funnel once again and used it to pour a generous amount of glitter into my ornament.


Roll the ornament around until the inside is completely covered in glitter.


Once your done you can put the top back on and its ready to go!


The great thing about using the clear ornaments for your christmas decorations is that you can personalize them with vinyl! I cut this pre-made image from Design Space with my Cricut! You can put christmas words, pictures, names or anything you want on any of the clear ornaments we have done above!! I always add vinyl to my glitter, crayon and paint ornaments! It adds the perfect touch!


I’m working on some how to posts for Cricut and Design Space! If you have any questions you would like me to cover comment them down below!

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