Beginner Cricut Craft: Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath 1

Christmas is fast approaching and I finished my list of crafts that needed to be done! I was feeling inspired to use my Cricut for cutting simple shapes like I would have done with the original Cricut! So I threw together a quick easy Craft using your Cricut and common craft supplies!

First Gather your supplies! You’ll need:

  • A Decorative 12×12 piece of paper (mine is from a christmas scrapbooking book)
  • Various shades of 8.5×11 green paper (I used 4 dark green & 2 of each light green)
  • A 12 inch piece of ribbon
  • A Small piece of string (optional)
  • Glue gun & glue sticks
  • Glue runner
  • Liquid glue (optional)
  • A Standard size hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Your Cricut! (as well as cutting mat, blade, computer etc.)


Christmas wreath 2

I went to design space and found some leaves that I liked. Some needed to be welded or sliced so they would cut out in one piece or the way I wanted them! I used the following images: leaves MC893C7, Leaf M402F9, Leaf M3976E and Leaf M32E23. You can view my saved project on Design Space using the following link! I’ve never shared a project link before, let me know if it works for you and if you feel this is a good way for me to share projects with you. I believe you will be able to “Make now” or “Customize the project once following the link!

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 10.52.19 PM.png

When you proceed to cut your project you are going to make 10 copies and change your mat size from 12 x 12 to 8.5 x11 or whatever size paper you are using! I didnt use all 10 of some of my leaves but you may if you are going for a fuller look.

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 9.53.38 AM

Cut your image and watch your Cricut work its magic!

Christmas wreath 3

Once you have all your leaves cut out it’s time to start thinking what way you want to arrange them.

Christmas wreath 4

I layered my leaves by type. Below you’ll see step by step of how I layered my leaves! However you can do this however you like! I do however recommend that you lay everything out and make sure you like it before you start gluing everything on with your glue runner. Using a glue runner is great because its not extremely sticky and if your unhappy with where you placed something you can easily take it off and replace it.

Christmas Wreath 5

Christmas Wreath 10 copy

Christmas Wreath 6-2

Christmas Wreath 7

Next take your hole punch and punch some red circles. These will be the berries for our wreath and you can add however many you like. You can use a standard hole punch for this or a craft punch like I did.

Christmas Wreath 9

I arranged my berries in groups of 3’s as seen below. I used liquid glue for this but you can use hot glue or your glue runner. Make sure you leave space for where you would like to place your bow.

Christmas Wreath 10

Next you make a bow and glue it in place! You can tie it however you like but I’ll show you how I like to make mine!

First you’re going to loop you ribbon like I did below.

Christmas Wreath 12

Next your going to pinch two parts of the loop to create the bow; the top centre of the loop and the part where the ribbon overlaps.

Christmas 12

You can either glue this in place or tie a piece of string around where you’re pinching like seen below.

Christmas Wreath 13

After gluing your bow on your wreath with hot glue you’re all done!

Christmas wreath 17

This is great project for beginner Cricut users using simple materials that you probably have in your house! It would look great as a wall decoration or even just something fun you could include kids in doing!

If you liked this project and would like to see more like this leave me a comment below!

Christmas wreath 15Christmas Wreath 14Christmaas Wreath 16Christmas Wreath 1


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