Christmas Craft Night

Some of my friends had been asking me for a while to do a craft night, so with Christmas around the corner we decided to have one! However with everything happening with Christmas I didn’t get around to posting about it till now! I wanted to do something that was inexpensive, worthwhile, fairly simple but still enjoyable! We ended up making a Centrepiece and tree ornaments! Everyone brought their own flowers and I provided the rest. I wanted everyone to get their own flowers so they can choose what best suits their own homes and style.


Mason Jar Centrepiece

I called my dad and he made these wooden boxes for us. This was a much cheaper option  then buying something pre-made in the stores. We then painted them with two coats of white paint.

CN 1

Next we painted our mason jars. We used Chalk paint and metallic paint because it went on better then the regular craft paint I had. The Chalk and metallic paint were not as streaky and see through.

CN 2

We all went back and for the between painting the box and mason jars until everything was dry. This worked great because while one item was drying we could paint the other.

Next we took some twine and looped it around the rim of the mason jars three times and tying it in a knot.


We placed some floral foam that I pre-cut to fit in the mason jars inside and arranged our flowers in the three jars.


Next we transferred the words “Merry Christmas” to the front of the box. I cut these using my Cricut, weeded them and added the transfer tape before hand to save time. Because we were doing this within a couple of hour time frame, the painted box didn’t seem to be dry enough and the transfer didn’t work. However everyone was able to transfer their words on the next day at home.


CN 4IMG_9407IMG_6589IMG_7733
Tree Ornaments

CN 5

These are the same ornaments that can be found in my “13 Super Easy DIY Tree Ornaments” blog post!

For these I had all of the fabric pre-cut into circles. I also had a variety of images to choose from that I cut from Cricut Design Space to glue in the middle!

Everyone loved the finished product and we are hoping to have more Craft Nights soon!

These are some of the finished projects!

CN 6IMG_4667IMG_4666CN 5


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