Cricut’s Holographic Vinyl: Snowflake Craft


I found this wooden snowflake at a local dollar store for $3. I painted it a while back but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. After getting some of Cricut’s holographic vinyl for Christmas I knew it would be perfect!

I painted the snowflake white using Folk Arts milk paint in petticoat.


Next I went to design space and created, cut and applied transfer tape to my design. I used Cricut’s holographic adhesive vinyl.


And lastly I applied the design to the snowflake using the transfer tape.


I was planning to add glitter but it didn’t come out like I had wanted it too. So I sanded off the glitter and repainted it white. I’m really liking the simple look of the white with the holographic design. Mainly because it changes colours depending on the way the light is hitting it.



Below are some pictures I took of the different colours seen from the holographic vinyl. However they look so much better in person!


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