My Favourite Cricut Pens and Accessories

Scoring Stylus 

This is a must have for any card maker out there! The scoring stylus is used to make an indented line into your paper, so it’s easier to fold and much more precise. It’s ideal for making cards, envelopes, boxes and more! The stylus is inserted into the “A” clamp (where you put your pens). When in design space you can easily add a score line, then place and adjust the sizing however you want. You’ll find the score line under the “shapes” tab.




Cricut Pens

There are different types of Cricut pens available, and I tested them out by making the card you’ll see in the images. Pens are essential to any paper crafters and what really sets the newer Cricut’s apart from the originals, it’s the main reason I upgraded to a Cricut explore air a few years ago.  Like the scoring stylus the pen is inserted into the “A” clamp. Cricut has certain images and fonts that are designed for use with the pens but you can also change a cut file to draw.


Below I drew a present using 2 different Cricut writing products. For the pink I used a fine point pen in the colour pink Crystal. As you can see this pen is great for small detailed projects. The blue on the other hand is great for larger less detailed projects. For the blue I used the metallic marker in blue.


Where I live there is only one store that carries Cricut products the next closest store would require me to take a plane or a boat. My local Michaels is often sold out of a lot of their selection (the last three times I visited they didn’t have any mats, pens, blades or tools). So I often resort to ordering online, but this doesn’t always work when you want something right away. Over the years I’ve found some markers that work great in the Cricut and are easier to find and sometimes much cheaper.

The present below was drawn in blue using Cricut’s fine point pen in blueberry and a Crayola maker! I use the original fine point markers with my Cricut all the time!


I also heard that American Craft markers work in your Cricut, however American Craft isn’t something you can buy where I live. Every now and then I see some American Craft products at Winners, so when I seen these markers there for $20 I had to try them! I used a teal colour to write the “happy birthday”.

In the past I’ve also used foam markers from Dollarama. I had them in my Craft room and was desperate for an orange marker and just tried it! They were only $1.50 for 3 but they dried up pretty quick and I no longer have them to show you.


Spatula Tool

The spatula tool is used to peel your paper off of the Cricut mat. This stops the paper from tearing, folding and curling. It also makes paper and other products easier to remove!


Scraper Tool

This is great for cleaning scraps off your mat. Sometimes new mats can be too sticky and it tears the paper leaving bits of paper remaining on the mat. The scraper tool is great for getting these little bits off.



The tweezers work wonders when working with small projects. Sometimes things can get shifted like below. When you working with vinyl that tends to stick to you instead of the backing, the tweezers are a great help. They allow you to reposition small pieces quick and easily.



Weeding Tool

If I could only keep one Cricut accessory this would be the one! I use a lot of vinyl and iron on for my projects and this tool is a must have! For those of you who don’t know, weeding is removing all the little bits and pieces you don’t want on your project. Like the inside of an o, an a or any other negative space that you don’t want. The tool is pointed so it can poke through your material and pick it up!



This is the last tool were going to talk about. This is a tool that I would have never bought. It came in a pack of accessories so it was just sitting in a container for a while. What I didn’t realize was how nice these scissors were. They have a pointed tip and are very narrow and thin. This helps maneuver around small areas when cutting. Sometimes my Cricut makes mistakes. It might jam on a letter or image and instead of cutting a brand new one it’s easier to just trim it. This is where the scissors come in to play. They can reach inside of small areas and corners much easier than any other pair of scissors I own. Plus they come with a cover for protection from the pointed tips!



I hope you liked this post! It was a little different than my usual posts but more Cricut tutorials were requested. I also want to talk about some of the functions in design space in a new post. If you can’t figure something out on Cricut or your not sure what certain buttons do, leave me a comment below and I’ll try to include it in my next Cricut tutorial!


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