Wooden Hearts for Valentine’s Day!

I picked up these wooden hearts at Michaels a while back and hadn’t found anything to do with them, so with Valentine’s Day around the corner I figured it was the perfect time to make some DIY Valentine’s Decor! It’s such a fun and easy DIY to make, or if you find you would rather purchase your decor these are available in my Etsy shop!

First I painted a few coats of Folk Art’s Milk paint in petticoat on the front back and sides.



Next I went to Cricut Design Space and designed what I wanted to add to the heart with vinyl.

I choose a holographic red sparkle vinyl from Cricut!


Next you need to weed your letters! Normally I attach all of my design so it cuts everything where I want it but, I wanted to save space so I didn’t attach everything. You can see below that the words are not in order.


I took each word and placed it where I wanted it and used transfer tape to adhere it perfectly.


Next I took this glitter heart I got at Michaels and glued it in the corner!


I also did another one with a pink theme! Both designs are now available with many other items not featured on my blog in my Etsy shop at Alyssas Craft Room CO


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