Rustoleum’s Metal Effects Kit: Birdhouse

I discovered Rustoleum products in the Fall when a family member recommended I try this chalk paint kit. I had bought the product to refinish some furniture and completely fell in love! Ever since I’ve been using the chalk paint and decorative glaze any chance I get! Below are a couple of blog posts using Rustoleum!









So when Rustoleum reached out to work with me I jumped at the idea! I was so excited and even more excited when they sent me two amazing products!

One of the products was the Patina Metal Effects Kit in blue by Modern Masters! You can see more details about the process when using the product in this Let’s Try It Blog Post!

When I received this kit I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it! I have been looking at the galvanized birdhouses that Michaels has released in their spring line and loved them! So I decided to make a birdhouse! I found 100things2do’s blog post and adjusted the measurements slightly while making my own!

I got my dad and together we cut the following pieces from knotty pine, then assembled our birdhouse using a nail gun.


This is what it looked like once we put it all together!


I then took some wood filler and filled in all the joins and holes from the nail gun. Once the fill is dried I sanded it off any excess.


Next it’s time to use the kit! I was a little excited and forgot to take step by step pictures but you can find those in my Let’s Try It Post! The kit comes with pretty simple instructions to follow.

  1. You need to use a cloth to remove any debris or dust from the surface.
  2. Apply 2 coats of primer allowing it to dry in between coats.
  3. Once its dry apply your first coat of the bronze oxidizing paint and let it dry for 30 minutes.
  4. Apply another coat of the bronze more thickly.
  5. While the bronze is still wet you are going to spray your patina aging solution all over.

Because I was making a birdhouse that had lots of different sides I did steps 4 & 5 one side at a time. This way my bronze paint was still wet when I applied the spray.

You can see how different the effect came out in the two projects below. The & sign looks more metal because I applied my bronze paint thinker and sprayed more solution onto it. While the birdhouse has a more of a distressed look. I created this look by stroking the bronze paint in various directions and didn’t apply it as thick. Just remember the more blue metal you want to see the more bronze paint and solution you need to apply!










I am in love with this kit, I was honestly shocked with how cool of a product it was! If you use this kit on a project I would love if you tagged me in it on instagram so I could see and don’t forget to tag Rustoleum and Modern Masters!


Check back soon for a blog post about Rustoleums Shimmer glaze in Rose gold! 

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