Spring Home Decor Featuring Rustoleum

If you seen one of my Rustoleum metal effects kit posts then you know that I recently had the amazing opportunity to partner with Rustoleum! So here is another project using one of Rustoleum’s amazing products!

This is what you’ll need!

First I got these two miniature birdhouses at Micheals in the Spring line for 50% off!

I also get these two succulents at Michales to go inside the bird cages! I believe these ones were buy one get one free at the time!

This is the product Rustoleum sent me! It is the Shimmer Glazing Cream in Rose Gold!



When you open it, it looks really pink, but it drys clear just leaving the rose gold glitter! It was hard to capture how beautifully sparkly this product is, but you can see some of the sparkle on the top of the container!

I took a sponge paint brush and lightly brushed the glazing cream on all the surfaces of each birdhouse! I let it dry for one hour then applied a second coat using the same technique. Again this product was difficult to photograph, my birdhouses are slightly more glittery in person, however I still wanted a subtle rose gold glitter look to it. You can judge for yourself how glittery you want you project to look. If you want it to be really glittery you just need to apply more coats, just make sure you let the product dry for one hour before doing another coat. You can do as many coats as you like in order to achieve the look you are going for.


I used the same product on the metal heart in the background! I also got this metal heart at Michales in their spring line for 50% off! I wanted to se how concentrated I could make the rose gold glitter. This piece was a dark metal with lighter colours washed throughout it. So first I painted two coats of white on it very lightly so that some of the dark was still coming through.

This time instead of lightly brushing the glazing cream onto the surface, I very thickly applied it by dabbing it all over the surface. I did a couple of coats of this. This gave such a different result than what I got on the birdhouses! Because the heart had holes in it, the product tended to build up in the creases and and filled in some of the holes. This would have probably worked better on a solid surface. But I still love how it came out!

I love the look of this product and it is a great detail to add to metal projects! Check back for a post, using the Rustoleum Shimmer Glazing Cream on wood coming soon!


4 thoughts on “Spring Home Decor Featuring Rustoleum

  1. Lisa's * Everyday Life says:

    What a great project I have not seen that paint before. But will look for it. If you would be interested in sharing your site/projects doing my Blog tour ( May 1-12 ) -drop me a line. I would love to include you. Lisa


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