Wall decor piece featuring Rustoleum

It’s time for my second blog post for the Rustoleum shimmer glazing cream in Rosegold. I recently did a post using this on a metal surface, you can see that one here!  So now I’m going to try the product on a wooden surface.


This product is so beautiful in person but it doesn’t photograph the best, you can see it a little better in a video I added towards the bottom. In the container is looks really pink but it actually dries clear just leaving the rose gold glitter! You should be able to find this at your local hardware store!


I wasn’t really sure where I wanted to go with this project so I started by picking up this wooden heart from Michaels in their wood section. As you can see in the picture I wanted to paint the heart pink. After I painted it pink and then used the shimmer glazing cream I didn’t like it at all! The glitter barley stood out from the pink. So I sanded it all off and started from scratch!


I decided to try painting the heart white! Below you can see the heart a solid white before adding the shimmer glazing cream on the right and one coat of the product applied over the white surface on the left.


I wanted a lot of glitter on my project so I added four coats of the shimmer glazing cream to make the look more concentrated. You can add as many coats as you would like depending on how thick you want your glitter to be. Just make sure you wait an hour in between drying times to avoid brushing away your previous coats.

As I said earlier I wasn’t really sure where I was going with this project. I decided it would look nice to have a word on the heart, when considering my options I realized I had this burlap from the dollar store lying around that I wanted to try cutting with my Cricut Maker!  The burlap was from Dollarama and came in giant 16 x 20 inch sheets. The product is a grey burlap with grey paper on the back. I used my Cricut maker on the burlap “more” pressure setting with a strong grip mat and the rotary blade! The product can fray or rip quite easily so make sure what your cutting isn’t too detailed and remove from the mat very carefully!

Once the word love was cut out I used my glue gun to add it to the heart!


I still felt like the project needed more. My uncle gave me these beautiful pieces of pine wood that he no longer needed, so I thought the heart would look perfect on one of them!

I used the Rustoluem decorating glaze to stain the wood. This is a product I picked up in the fall for a different project I was working on. Now I use it all the time as a stain because I absolutely love it even if its not meant to be used for that purpose!


Once it was dried I used some Gorilla glue to adhere the heart to the piece of pine! Other types of glue such as a wood glue would also work great!


I’m obsessed with how cute this sign came out and I quickly added it to the gallery wall in my craft room! I wish that I was able to photograph the glitter a little bit better. I did however get a video that shows off how sparkly the product is a little more than you can see in photos! You can find the video below or on my instagram!




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