Spring Floral Arrangement

Today’s blog post will show you how I made this summer floral arrangement. This week we had a lot of nice warm weather and I thought a nice summary arrangement would really brighten up my home!

I had this vase from a gift I had recently received and it was so beautiful I wanted to keep it but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. So I headed to Michael’s to have a look through their spring floral section where I found these sunflowers and some other wild flower pieces that I absolutely loved! Plus they were buy one get one free!


For this project you will need:

  • a vase
  • some floral foam
  • flowers of your choice
  • wirecutters
  • glue gun (because what craft can you do without one)

I picked up one bouquet of sunflowers which contained seven steams,  an arrangement of wildflowers which had four or five different types of flowers in them and these long white flowers that had a green tint.savingpng-14.jpg

I started by cutting the floral foam small enough to fit inside the vase. If you want your arrangement to be more secure you can also hot glue the foam to the bottom of your vase. I didn’t bother with the step because I wasn’t really concerned about the foam falling out but its completely up to you!

I cut the sunflowers from the bouquet making sure I had enough of a stem to be able to stick them down into the floral foam. The length of your stem will depend on how tall your arrangement is going to be and the size of your vase. Remember you can always keep trimming your stem if its to long but be careful not to cut it too short.

I simply spread the sunflowers out evenly in the vase to take up most of the area leaving small spaces in between where I could add the smaller flowers from the other pieces I bought later.

Next I took the wildflower bouquet and cut all the daisies out.

I added the daisies in between the sunflowers as you can see below. These were quite short and didn’t reach down far enough to stick into the floral foam so I used some hot glue to secure them in place.


I collected these flowers next cutting them from the wildflower bouquet and added them into the open spaces like I did with the daisies. These pieces were great because they were larger in size and they became a great filler for any really big gaps.

I took the long green flowers, along with some greenery and the long white flowers from the other bouquet I purchased and cut them away from the bouquets. I used the same technique I used with the last two types of flowers and randomly spaced them to fill in the gaps. I also added some around the edges where there were some gaps.

Once I was happy with the way it looked I went back with the hot glue gun and secured any pieces in place that I felt could easily fall out.

For some reason I’ve always avoided making floral arrangements. The thought of them scared me a lot but really creating them is all about your personal preference. If you make something that you aren’t happy with it’s really easy to pull a few pieces or even all of the pieces out of the arrangement to change it up. If you’ve already hot glued flowers together you can easily undo this by melting the glue with a hair dryer!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Leave a comment below telling me how you brighten up your home for Spring and Summer! Tag or send me your photos, I’d love to see what you are creating!










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