Mother’s Day hanging glass decor: Lisa’s May Discovery Tour

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Today I will be sharing a craft for Mothers Day! This craft also uses the new Cricut Patterned vinyl!savingpng-40

For this project you will need:

  • Cricut or other cutting machine & a Cricut mat
  • Adhesive vinyl ( I used Cricut’s royal blue and a pink and navy patterned piece)
  • Cricut standard grip transfer tape
  • A piece of glass ( I had one from an old picture frame, you can also buy a cheap frame at the dollar store and just use the glass)
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Rope
  • Wood
  • A staple gun
  • Stain or paint (this is optional, you can leave your wood unfinished or paint/stain it any colour you choose!

First I cut my pieces of wood to act as a frame around my piece of glass. My piece of glass was 11 x 14 inches. I used 2 pieces of 14 inch wood trim and 4 pieces of 9 inch trim.

I used my Rustoleum decorative glaze as a stain and painted each piece of wood. Depending on what product you use to add colour your drying time may be longer.

Once all my pieces were dry, I took one of my small 9 inch pieces. I then measured a piece of rope long enough to hang your sign, mine is 24 inches but I felt this was a little long, but it’s completely up to you!

Next take your staple gun and staple both ends of your rope onto your wood.

Next I took my Gorilla glue and attached two of the 14 inch pieces and two of the 9 inch pieces onto the front of my glass.

Let this dry a little, once its secured enough you can gently flip it over, laying the wood face down on your working surface, with the glass on top. Now you can take your last two pieces of wood. Take the piece that has the rope and use the gorilla glue to attach it to the top side on the back of the frame. This piece is not as long as your glass. Make sure to centre it on the back. Then take your last piece and do the same attaching it to the bottom.

While this is drying you can begin working on the design your are going to use. If you are a Cricut user and would like to use the design I made you can access and cut it using this link. 

Once you are happy with the design you can cut it using your cutting machine.


Once your design is cut you can begin weeding it. Weeding is what you do when you take all the unwanted pieces off of your design. In this case we removed the background first and then we took off all the pieces inside of our letters such as the middles of O’s and A’s or the inside pieces of any loops in the design like in the M seen below.


Once all your pieces are weeded out you can apply your piece to the transfer tape. I like to use Cricut’s regular grip as I find the strong grip to sticky when working with regular vinyl. If you have a scraper tool this works well to rub on your image to help transfer it to the tape. If you don’t have the tool you can also use a credit card, ruler or even a spoon!

Peel back the backing of your vinyl. In this design I used two different colours of vinyl. Instead of using two pieces of transfer tape we are only going to use one. Lay your piece of transfer tape on your working surface, sticky side up. Now take the second part of your design and line it up on the transfer tape in regards to the first piece.

Once you have it where you like it, you can peel the backing away again. Now you will have both pieces of the design how you want them on the transfer tape with NO backing.

By this time your gorilla glue should be dry. If it’s not you may need to wait a while before completing the next step.

Next you are going to place your design onto the glass. Vinyl tends to stick very well to most glass, so make sure you are happy with where you are putting it before you lay it down.

Next you are going to take your scraping tool, credit card or spoon and rub over the letters to make sure it is securely stuck to the glass. Slowly begin peeling away the transfer tape at one corner. If your design is lifting up with your transfer tape, place the tape back down and rub it into place some more. It helps if you pull the transfer paper back at an angle less than 45 degrees.

Now that it’s finished you have the perfect gift for the mother figure in your life! This is a great homemade gift that looks great as a decor piece in any home! This is a fairly simple craft that is very cost effective but still looks beautiful! You can also adjust or change the design and make any type of sign you want. These would be perfect as everyday decor in your home or in a nursery. They would also be the perfect gift for your child’s teacher or anyone else you know!

I would love to see the variations you make with this project! If you make one leave me a comment and/or send me a picture of your finished project!

Thank you for stopping by as part of Lisa’s May Blog Tour! Tomorrow the tour will be heading over to Brianna’s Blog! You can follow the link to see her post for the Tour! Make sure to check the schedule here to see what other posts will be coming out over the next few days!


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