Craft in a bag: Wooden Pumpkins

Thanks for purchasing my vey first Craft in a Bag! Here you can find the step by step instructions to completing your craft!

In your bag you will find:

  • a wooden pumpkin
  • a container of orange paint
  • a container of green paint
  • a container of mod podge
  • a baggy with green glitter
  • a paint brush
  • Vinyl pumpkin face decals
  • some raffia
  • a piece of twine


First you are going to paint the stem of your pumpkin green. Depending on how thick you paint this you may want to paint another coat once it dries.

Next paint the pumpkin orange. Again you can do a second coat if you feel its necessary.

Take your container of mod podge and paint a thin layer on the stem.

Quickly sprinkle your glitter on the stem before the mod podge dries. Let it sit for 30 seconds. Then you can shake away any excess by lightly tapping your pumpkin on your work surface.

Now its time to add your pumpkins face. Gently peel the vinyl sticker from the paper backing and place on your pumpkin! Press down on the sticker to make sure it is on securely.

Now you are going to take your mod podge once more and paint over the entire pumpkin, to seal in the glitter, paint and face. When applying the mod podge over the glitter make sure to brush away from the pumpkin to avoid getting green glitter on the orange paint.

Once its dry, Tie the raffia around the stem. You can tie it in a knot or in a bow, whichever you prefer.

The las thing you need to do is pull the twine through the hole in the top of your stem and tie it in a knot.

Now your pumpkin is ready to hang up for some cute halloween decor!


If you don’t have one of my craft kits but would like to purchase one you can send me a message on my Instagram or Facebook for more information!

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